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Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering


The department offers two programs at a diploma level. i.e.  National Diploma and National Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering. These programs are aimed at producing technicians who are relevant to industry and the world of work. They are learner centered and competence based and emphasizes practical teaching, and acquisition of skills by learners.

Duration of the programs

The two programs take two years. National Diploma in Electrical Engineering is a fulltime program and is semester based while National Higher Diploma is a weekend program and examinations are done annually.

Entry requirements

  1. National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  2. At least a principal pass in either Physics or math obtained at the same sitting. Or advanced craft certificate or bachelors degree in physical sciences

  3. National Higher Diploma

A national/Ordinary Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

Graduates can work in various organizations i.e. power generation, transmission, distribution, domestic and industrial installations among others. The graduates can also upgrade in various courses like telecom engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering etc.