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Department of the Library



The library department in Uganda technical college –Bushenyi is  an established academic library and steadily growing, It mainly manages information in the field of engineering courses  though other collections also exist to a small extent, the department has two permanent staff, that is the librarian and the assistant librarian.


    • 1.1 Day session
    • The library is always open from 8:00am up to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

    • 1.2 Night session
    • The library is opened from 7:00pm up to 10:00pm for the night session.

    • 1.3 Weekend session
    • Plans are under way for the library to operate during weekends for the higher diploma students.

  3. The library at Uganda Technical College –Bushenyi has a number of information materials which include:

    • Text books
    • Journals
    • News papers
    • Examination banks
    • Compact disks

    The above collection is divided into different sections, these sections are achieved after cataloguing and classification of engineering materials, they include:

    • Mechanical engineering  section
    • Civil engineering  section
    • Electrical engineering section
    • Maths section
    • Information and computer technology
    • English and humanities section
    • Periodical section, this caters for news papers, examination banks, journals etc…
  5. The library department offers a range of services ranging from students, to the administration and the community at large, these services include:

    • 3.1 Reference service
    • This mainly involves providing relevant references to the researches and answering any query about a specific research problem.

    • 3.2 Information access and retrieval
    • This service ensures that users get the right information of their choice in the shortest time and easiest way possible. This is done by opting for open shelf method of accessing an information material.

    • 3.3 Current awareness service
    • This service is offered to alert and inform users about new information materials brought in the library so that they can make use of them.

    • 3.4 Internship programmes
    • This service is offered to undergraduate students to enable them acquire practical skills of operating a library before they are a warded their certificates.

  7. The department has  the following future projections

    Setting up  a printing ,binding and photocopying sections

    Affiliations with both national and international libraries with the aim of sharing information for global development.