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Medical Unit


The college has two health workers well trained to manage manageable cases at all ages. One trained nurse and female nurse.


The services offered by the medical department are as follows.

  • Asses, diagnose, treatable condition among students and staffs.
  • Manages medical conditions at all patient level.
  • Health  educate students and staffs about preventable diseases.
  • Carries out HIV counseling and testing services to both students and staffs.
  • Blood pressure monitoring, guidance and counseling.
  • RDT testing for malaria using available test kills.
  • Weight monitoring
  • Pre-referral treatment is provided to patient  for referral
  • Dispense medication to students and staff from other health facility
  • Carries out surgical procedure like surgical toilets, dressing of wounds etc.
  • Pre-medication counselling and advice on existing drugs.
  • Observes medical rights to students and staff.
  • Carries out participative supervision in general hygiene.
  • Creates awareness of existing epidemics in the country to the college community for prevention.
  • Trains first aider in the college community to help manage illness in case of emergency.

Drug stock

The  college drug stock has available of drugs for variety of conditions ranging from oral and injectable drugs. The medication we have and first line and second line medications. The stocking is done quarterly per year suitable for management of common illness in the college


  • All in all the department has the capacity to provide health life to college community.
  • The Department has the capacity to provide , primary, secondary and tertiary preventions of prevention of preventable illness to  the college
  • Guide and counsel students and staffs for health living


Compiled by:

Mulere Elisha